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Shrew Scenes: videos and scripts

Click here for scripts.

Scenes from the American Conservatory Theater production. Watch them all (for exam purposes). Watch extra carefully the one you are performing.

How goodly shines the moon!

Lay forth the gown.

Rap me well

She is my goods

Untie my hands!

Why will you mew her up?

Taming Scene (Goodmorrow, Kate)



Lord of the Flies, two ways

lord of the fliesKnow yourself as a reader. If reading while listening would help you absorb this book better, please go to the Lord of the Flies Page on this site so you can hear it in iTunes while you read. You will need to ask me for the password.

Also on that page is a tool to help you search the text. This will be useful as you take notes on the book for a 4th quarter paper.

Lord of Flies at Amazon

Finally, extra notetaking sheets available as a pdf here.

The Psychology of Evil


Here’s a link to Philip Zimbardo’s TED talk on the psychology of evil.

And here’s some quotes from that talk:

There are seven social processes that grease the slippery slope of evil:

  1. mindlessly taking the first small step
  2. dehumanization of others
  3. de-individualization of self (anonymity)
  4. diffusion of personal responsibility
  5. blind obedience to authority
  6. uncritical conformity to group norms
  7. passive tolerance of evil through inaction or indifference

“Power without oversight is prescription for abuse”

“They paint themselves like Lord of the Flies… and that’s the power of anonymity.”

“All evil starts with 15 volts.”

That whole TED conference was called “Will Evil Prevail.” There are notes for it if you want to read about the whole thing, and you can find all the talks at the TED site.

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