Instructions for using MPEG Streamclip.

  1. Open the program (it should be kept in your MyApps folder)
  2. Files > Open Files and locate the movie file you are going to work with (in this case, 12 Angry Men. It should be in your movies folder)
  3. Locate the in and out points for the clip you want to make. (tap “i” for the in-point and “o” for the outpoint and you should see the numbers change accordingly on the bottom right of the screen)
  4. The best way to ROUGHLY get to the in and out points is to drag the little hour-glass-shaped scrubber with your mouse.
  5. The best way to PRECISELY locate the in and out points is then to use the left and right arrow keys to go backward or forward 1 frame (that is, 1/30th of a second) at a time, until you have located precisely where you want the clip to start and end.
  6. With your in- and out-point set, go to File >Expert to MPEG-4> Compression = Apple MPeg Compressor> Quality = 100% > Make MP4
  7. Then make sure you give it a name that is SPECIFIC to that clip only and
  8. SAVE to your Movies folder

This will take a little while, depending on the length of the clip.

Repeat process for a new clip.


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