Outside Reading: Human Sacrifice and/or Z is for Zachariah

Outside reading due on Monday or Tuesday, September 27-8 depending on when your class meets. (See calendar for details.) By all means, read both books if you’re a willing reader. All that study hall time, you know.

Make sure to return your book(s) so you can get a new one for the second half of the quarter.

Meanwhile, I encourage those who are interested to follow the continuing story of Dennis Dechaine, the convicted murderer of Sarah Cherry. A good place to start is a series of articles in the Portland Press Herald this summer. Link is here. But please continue with a Google search and, better still, a search in the database Maine Newstand (you can find it on this page of the MTA Library website) where you can find over 100 articles from Maine newspapers about the Sarah Cherry murder case. Let me know if you are interested in doing some extra credit work on this and we’ll see what we can cook up.


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